PB Networks offers Asset Recovery

Asset Recovery

We specialize in Asset Recovery trade-in or buy back. Our Asset Recovery Center provides services to transport, warehouse (store), remarket and/or dispose of surplus or junked telecommunications, computer, and/or network equipment, at no cost to your organization.

Whether you're trying to recover value or simply dispose of obsolete assets, you will need a partner that will extract maximum value for resale and provide a Certificate of Destruction for certain serialized IT assets without market value.

Resale options for marketable assets:

  • Fixed Price Takeout - we will negotiate a set price for your IT assets. Upon receipt and inspection of the equipment, you will be paid the agreed upon price. PB Networks absorbs the inventory risk during the sale cycle.

  • Shared Revenue Sale - we will take the disposal burden off your shoulders by handling your inventory and verifying its specifications. Your product is sorted and tested to verify functionality and specifications, and condition of the product is confirmed for each system. If your product has value in the marketplace, PB Networks's Asset Recovery team of specialists has the skill and resources to get your product sold, and upon such a sale, a negotiated percentage of the proceeds will be returned to you. If there is no value, the product is scrapped in an environmentally friendly manner.

  • Hassle-free, No-cost Option - we will take the burden of disposing of surplus equipment off of you, at virtually no cost to you, for select customers whose equipment meets specific IT criteria. This option is ideal for customers with an aggressive refresh agenda and who want to avoid the inconvenience of asset disposition.

Disposal of non-marketable assets:

  • Environmentally friendly disposal

  • In the United States, disposal in accordance with all EPA guidelines and United States federal, state and local laws.

  • Provides Certificate of Destruction for certain serialized assets

Additional services

  • Inventory/Warehousing Analysis - Reclaim space in your facility by sending your extra assets to our secure central location, and storing them there safely until you need them.

  • Asset Testing - Verify functionality and confirm specifications to establish asset value. All customer identifiers and asset tags are removed as part of asset testing.

  • Packing and Transportation - Preparation for shipping and dock-to-dock transportation are available, depending on your unique requirements.

  • Reconfiguration and Redeployment - Receipt, sorting, refurbishment, storage and redistribution of your company's used assets.